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Founded in 1990, the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis offers a transmission of psychoanalysis through a savoir of the unconscious, built gradually in personal analysis and control analyses. These direct experiences of the unconscious, alongside an immersion in theory through seminars, events, reading groups, and cartels, inform ethical practices of analysis and scholarship.

Through LSP, you may study Lacanian or Freudian theory, pursue psychoanalytic formation, obtain clinical supervision from a Lacanian perspective, and find a clinician with whom to undertake or complete a personal analysis. Unless specifically noted, LSP Seminars and Events are open to the general public with no commitment to or enrollment in the School. 

The School’s purpose is to transmit psychoanalytic ethics and theory in the historical context of both Freudian and Lacanian fields. The School, begun locally, is now international in its reach, part of a broader worldwide psychoanalytic movement to conduct education, research, and treatment for the benefit of local and global communities.

If you are looking for a referral to begin a personal analysis with a clinician affiliated with LSP, please fill out the survey on the Find an Analyst page.

Below you will find more information on what the School may be able to offer to you.


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