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Ecrits and On the Names-of-the-Father

In this Chinese speaking Seminar, we will continue to study Ecrits as we did last year. This year we will reread some important essays in the book and concentrate more on the latter part which shows us how Lacanian concepts developed in confrontation, collision and exchange with other fields of knowledge inside and outside psychoanalysis. In addition, we will also read Lacan’s small book On the Names-of-the-Father. The book is composed of two important texts by Lacan. The first represents his first systematic presentation of the Symbolic, the Imaginary, and the Real triad that will come to be the concept most representative of his teaching (SIR). The second text is the first session of Lacan’s interrupted Seminar on the Names of the Father. Lacan was not able to continue his seminar and he believed that in his age the time had not yet come for psychoanalysts and society to understand the enigmas linked to the place occupied by the Name of the Father. Nevertheless, in Seminar XXIII he returned to these questions with his concepts of the sinthome and the new NoF emerging from the Real.


Faculty: Yang Yu and Cissy Zhou

Date & time:  8:30-11:00 AM Beijing Time, The fourth Saturday every month
September 2021-April 2022;no classes in December 2021

Location:  Online via Voov

Fee: 2000 Yuan (RMB) ($300 USD) or School Tuition


Yang Yu, Ph.D. is a candidate psychoanalyst of the Lacanian school and an associate professor of English literature at Beijing Normal University where she has taught courses on English literature, modern western thoughts and Lacanian and Freudian analysis since 2008. She maintains a private practice in Beijing. Her main publications include: “Repetition Automatism and Insistence of the Symbolic Order – An Interpretation of “Seminar on ‘The Purloined Letter’”(2015); “Time Drive for the Birth of ‘I’ and Systematic Misrecognition---- An Analysis of Lacan’s ‘Logical time and the Assertion of Anticipated Certainty: A New Sophism’”(2017); “The Birth of Colonial Subject—— A Lacanian Reading of ‘Shooting an Elephant’ and Other Burmese Texts” (2018);“From the ‘Uncanny’ to the ‘Automaton’:A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of ‘The Lottery’”(2020).

Cissy Hong Zhou graduated from Lanzhou Teachers College. Bachelor of English Education, Northwest Normal University. Postgraduate course completion, Chinese psychologist Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. CAPA psychodynamic psychotherapist, LSP candidate psychoanalyst. Private practice counselor, therapist, and candidate psychoanalyst in Beijing.