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Reading Agamben for Lacanian Clinical Practice II: 
Psychoanalysis as Art-work and the Religion of Capitalism

As anyone considering enrolling in a Lacanian reading group already knows, Lacanian theory and praxis remain as relevant today as ever. Yet by now it has become clear that we are inhabiting an era different from that in which Lacan spoke. In observance of his own insistence that his teaching not be reduced to a reified orthodoxy, this seminar aims to pursue a return to Lacan by way of the writings of contemporary philosopher Giorgio Agamben.


Agamben’s work raises questions about subjectivity relative to a set of historical conditions which should be of urgent concern to psychoanalysts working today:  the commodification of language and art; the voracious and limitless encroachments of neoliberalism upon all forms of life; the growing proliferation of zones of exclusion and states of exception to the rule of law; a constantly mutating global pandemic that tends to erode bonds of society and community...


Agamben’s writings on politics, literature, theology and philology pose a rich counterpoint to the Lacanian corpus, offering avenues for new readings, interpretations and applications of familiar constructs.  This short, intensive online seminar will provide an opportunity for those versed in Lacanian methods to explore key concepts and lines of inquiry drawn from Agamben, with a particular eye to the challenges and opportunities for psychoanalytic practice at the current historical juncture, a time in which an incorporeal corporate hubub has come to act at once as panoptic semblant and agent, coding, tracking, monitoring, quantifying and monetizing all human exchanges.


Readings: Agamben, Creation and Anarchy


Faculty:  Kanayo Agbodike and Benjamin Davidson

Date & time:  Monday 10:00 AM—12:00 PM PST, in five consecutive weekly sessions beginning September 6, 2021

Location:  Online via Zoom

Fee:  Free of charge

Contact: For more information contact Kanayo Agbodike (agbodike@mailbox.org)
or Ben Davidson (benjamdavidson@me.com)

Benjamin Davidson, Ph.D. Dr. Davidson is a faculty member and Research Analyst of the Lacanian School, and an Associate Dean of Students at Stanford University, where he has led seminars on Lacanian and Freudian analysis since 2010. He maintains a private practice in Palo Alto and San Francisco, and is a co-editor and frequent contributor to the European Journal of Psychoanalysis. 

Email: benjamdavidson@me.com

Tel: 650.704.8226

Kanayo Agbodike has a PhD in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley. He is a candidate Research Analyst at LSP.