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Robert Rauschenberg, Seminole

Reading Lacan’s Écrits

Lacan said, “I did not write my Écrits in order for people to understand them, but in order for people to read them.” To read, that is, to work. In this reading group, now in its third year, we’ll continue working through Lacan’s Écrits and meeting once per month to discuss. New members are welcome. 


Required Text: Lacan, J. Écrits. (2006) Trans. by Bruce Fink. New York: Norton. 

Recommended Text: Vanheule, S., Neill, C., and Hook, D. (2018-2020). Reading Lacan’s Écrits. Routledge 

Faculty: Nathan Lupo 

Dates and Times: 9:00 - 11:00 am. Pacific Time, 2nd Sunday of the month September 2022 - April 2023 

Location: Online 

Fee: Free, donation to LSP encouraged

Contact: Nathan Lupo at

Nathan Lupo is a candidate analyst at LSP. He has a private practice in San Francisco. 

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