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Joyce Silverstone, Blue

Reading Lacan's Seminars


 We will choose and read one of Lacan’s seminars together.  Participants will take turns reading the seminar out loud, and the group will reflect and associate to the sections of the reading that strike them.  Participants will also bring in case examples and discuss their work as it is elicited by the reading.  Particular emphasis will be placed on application of Lacan’s work to institutional settings including hospitals, correctional environments, and non-profit clinics. 


Faculty:  Roberto Lascano, Ph.D. & Jonathan Fishman, Ph.D.

Dates and Times:  Saturdays 1-3 Pacific Time, Dates TBD, from August 2022-May 2023 

Location:  Online via Zoom

Fee: free of charge, donation to school encouraged

Contact: Jonathan Fishman, Ph.D. at

Roberto Lascano, Ph.D. is an Analyst of School and has been in the Lacanian school for over 20 years, and has applied analytic thinking in hospital and community clinic settings. 

Jonathan Fishman, Ph.D. has been working clinically with a Lacanian informed model for the past 9 years where he has worked in community based non-profit and correctional settings during this time. 

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