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Saburo Hasegawa, Great Chorus

Reading Schreber

Daniel Paul Schreber’s Memoirs Of My Nervous Illness (Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken, 1903) is a founding text of psychoanalysis. My LSP experience has been – many read its analyses, but not the book itself. So we will read Schreber, by Schreber.

Rather than seeking to apply theory to his text, we will listen to the Judge – hearing so much–regards speech, language and writing, sex and gender, the body and medicalization, culture, religion, race, fathers and names, and their discontents. In this listening, we’ll recognize structures of analytic teaching, and in his speech – in the existence of the book – reply to a demand at the foundation of all analytic work.

Supplementary works will no doubt call (and we’ll answer), but the Judge’s testament itself, in the NYRB Macalpine translation, will be our main work. UPDATE:  As our group is doing a close read, taking its time with the text and discussion, the seminar will extend into 2023. All are welcome to join at any point.

Faculty: Matthew Seidman, Research Analyst, Candidate

Dates and Times:  Mondays 6-8 pm PST, 12 September 2022 - ongoing/TBD

Location: On Zoom

Fee: $25 per class or School Tuition; none turned away for lack of funds

Contact:  Matthew Seidman at

Matthew Seidman, MFA is a Research Analyst, LSP Candidate. Member of the California Circle of GIFRIC, and of PAS, a nascent GIFRIC-inspired Project for an American School. Artist, working at present under the name M Kennedy Volcofsky, his work is mytho-erotic, recognizably Jewish, and, via the body-that-speaks, moves through a devastated temporality [ethics] along a membrane which separates and joins poetry and pornography.  His work has been published, staged, screened, heard, hung and is held in collections in the US, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. He calls it traumedy. Now in his 25th year as a yoga teacher, he also hosts authentic movement workshops and labs. His creative work is collected at – A’ Traveling Yeshiva Sideshow. Email:

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