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Wassily Kandinsky
Squares with Concentric Circles

Reading (Some) of What Lacan Read

To read Lacan’s seminars is to encounter his readings of and conversations with seminal Freudian & Kierkegaardian works (a few among his vast reading & reference to the Western canon). In this seminar we will read and savor a few of those to which he often returns returning to elaborate his freudian psychoanalysis.


Freud: Chpt 7 The Interpretation of Dreams; Beyond the Pleasure Principle; A Child is Being Beaten; 

Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality; Inhibitions, Symptoms & Anxiety; Little Hans; 

Kierkegaard: The Concept of Anxiety

Structure of the seminar

The first hour will be devoted to reading aloud (any) self-selected select passages of the week’s text round-robin palimpsest-like thru the hour each session devoted to one reading beginning with Chpt 7.  The second hour we will associate to those passages we have offered.

Faculty: Hannah Bennett

Date & time: 5:15-7:15 PM PST  2nd Wednesdays beginning October 13, 2021 to May 11, 2022

Location: Online via Zoom

Fee: Free of charge

Contact: Hannah Bennett at or

Hannah Bennett maintains both a psychoanalytic practice and a psychotherapy practice  in Berkeley CA. She sees patients in office safely. She also provides treatment by phone or video sessions.