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Zhou Changjiang, Chaos

Research in the School of Lacan—The Mirror Stage

What does it mean to do Research in psychoanalysis?  Lacan's return to Freud extends Freudian concepts by scanning areas of contemporary knowledge for useful analogies to inform and train psychoanalysts.  In this process Lacan explores the use of Logic, Literature, Linguistics and Graph Theory—-as well as other areas of academic thought.   This seminar will look at the work of the Lefort’s in their book Birth of the Other as they develop two clinical cases that distinguish the neurotic from the psychotic and relate them to Lacan’s concepts.  The Mirror Stage—-Lacan’s most respected work—-is the focus of the seminar.  

This year-round seminar is designed to explore the research methods Lacan used in clinical practice and theorization.


We will read and discuss ‘Birth of the Other’ by Lefort and Lefort

Faculty: Dwight McCan, Research Analyst
Date & time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM PST, two Tuesdays each month (to be determined each month), starting September 2021 to June 2022; no classes in December 2021
Location: Online via Zoom
Fee: $500.00 for the whole series or School Tuition

Contact: Interest should be sent to dmccan@icloud.com