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"The Mourning Show" : An open space for rèflection


In seminar VII Lacan says: "the ethical limits of psychoanalysis coincide with the limits of its practice. Its practice is only a preliminary to moral action as such - the so-called action being the one through which we enter the real."  

In this space, we will watch brief segments of the Morning Show, followed by reading excerpts from Lacan's seminar on Ethics, leading to an open, free discussion

We will attempt to answer Lacan's question -- "Moral action is, in effect, grafted on to the real... How is it that psychoanalysis prepares us for such action," ? 


In particular the notions of "the attraction of transgression", "the murder of the father" (Freud, Totem & Taboo), "the death instinct" (Freud, Civilization & Its Discontents), "taming of perverse jouissance", "component drive," "moral experience", "moral law", "moral action", "masochism", "Real, Imaginary, Symbolic," "pleasure principle", "the master" will be explored


In each encounter, a plus one will lead a discussion together with Ayelet Hirshfeld 




The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, Jacques Lacan Book VII, 1959-1960

Faculty: Ayelet Hirshfeld, Ph.D., Analyst of the School

When: First Wednesday of the month @ 5:30PM to 7:30PM Pacific Time, January through June 2023 (1/4; 2/1; 3/1; 4/5; 5/3; 6/7)

Where: Via Zoom or in person in Los Gatos ÇA 

Fee: $480 or School Tuition

Contact: Ayelet Hirshfeld, Ph.D. at or 408.874.6506 

Dr Ayelet Hirshfeld, Ph.D., is a Psychoanalyst, Analyst of the School & Faculty, Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, SF; a Psychoanalyst & Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Los Gatos, CA; Founder of startup companies; Board and Advisory Council Member of Cancer Non Profit Organizations; and a consultant to various companies.  


Phone: 408.874.6506 

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