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Liz Chalfin, Book of Days 

Working Day of the School:

Analytic Discourse and the Contemporary Clinic

In this year’s Working Day of the School we focus on the discourse of the analyst in its relation to the contemporary clinic.  As a discourse or social bond that makes way for the subject of the unconscious, what does the analytic act meet in the contemporary clinic in the aftermath of Lacan’s return to Freud, and how does what the clinic brings to psychoanalysis challenge the practitioner to adhere to an analytic ethics in which psychoanalysis is reinvented with each case?  


As we did last year, the Working Day is an opportunity for all members of the School to participate in a teaching that will be followed by the constitution of working groups in which members of the School discuss and work together on crucial problems of our times in the psychoanalytic clinic. 

Faculty: TBD

Dates & Times: January 21, 12-3 pm Pacific Time 

Location: Online via Zoom

Fee: free, donation to the school encouraged

Contact: TBD

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